searching for a guide through life

i’m a bad sleeper.

i used to not mind going to bed late at night and waking up late in the morning, but now i do. so i’m sitting here feeling <> because i can’t go to sleep. and on top of that, i know i can’t go to sleep. yuck.

i’ll probably just stay up all night. cuz you see, in the way my mind thinks, maybe if i stay up all through the night i’ll be exhausted come night time tomorrow. but you know, there always are those dreaded things called naps. sike – i love naps. i can’t knock ’em. i took one today. haha. which is probably my problem. i wasn’t even tired. i was just bored out my mind so i made myself get sleepy and take a nap today. mannnn, today was a long day. a super long boring day which i’m only going to enlongate by staying up all night. gosh.

get this – i’m so bored i started packing. well, kinda sorta. but me — the child who packs last minute last minute. overtime last minute. and shoot. if i didn’t have to wear clothes this next week that’s what i’d probably be doing now. folding and packing. haha. if i didn’t have to wear clothes… do yall ever think of what life would be like if adam and eve never bit into that apple?

mmmm… this entry would become real random if i started writing all the different thoughts that come to me at 2something in the morning.

like i almost think i should’ve got braces when i was younger…

they really should have a thought smiley face. that one doesn’t do it. they need one like this  but with it’s eyeballs going up at the corner instead of the dreary “whatever” blah eyes..

i need a playmate. getting sick and tired of being lonely. despite being very self entertaining. yeah, i laugh at my own jokes in my head..

mmmmmmmmmm… adios.


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