searching for a guide through life


the life & times have been peachy… like all other students across america, it’s like the end of one year and the beginning of the next. and i have a feeling this new year will be great.

present :: i started packing earlier this yr but i’m still not done yet. haha. well, it’s basically just put everything in the suitcases, ya know. but i’m still shopping. today i got some black pumps, took my phone in to be fixed, and took my pc in for a check up. i still got a couple more errands to run.. get my last paycheck.. my godsis leaves wednesday for school. well, she moves in thurs, like me, but they’re going to new york first to visit their grandparents and then they’re off to taking alisha to school. so tomorrow, we’re going over for dinner and to chill and say our goodbyes and all that. i was on the phone with her for about an hour tonight talking bout college. she’s so nervous. lol, it’s cute. especially since i know she’ll be just fine. she’s great. how could she not be?

past :: i got up the nerve to send my old gradeschool crush a message on myspace. my first love…  i was bugging about it. i wasn’t sure if he still remembered me or even wanted to hear from me. so when i did randomly come across his page, it took like a week before i even decided to send a message out. but i did last week and i got a reply back today and so i was very happy ’bout that. it seems like things are coming together for him. he’s in college now. i’m glad for him. hopefully we can keep in touch a lil over myspace. i’d definately like that.

future :: well, it started up again. mr. monroe’s back in school and the regular calls have started up again. lol. i wonder how this yr will play out between us. my godsis keeps teasing me, calling him my boo. so then she was like, “tell him how come he can’t call nobody.. well, except for you.” and i replied with “cuz i’m his girl!” haha. me and alisha stay joking with each other, though. we were a trip that night after seeing Step Up. but anyhow… yeah, we’re all getting older. alisha’s starting her first yr. my brother’s bout to do his last semester. my cousin mike’s in spain for a semester. he graduates ’07 along with my other cousin shawn. and from highschool, it’s my sis and my cousin bobby. wow. i didn’t realize how many graduations there were this yr. and i would like to make it to all of ’em if i can. plus, i’d like to have an internship next summer. i mentioned that to carin today and she seemed surprised that i was worrying about getting one after sophomore yr. she thought it was too early… i was like, “too early? – i feel like i’m too late. i shoulda had one this yr…” i shoulda had one this yr. but not that one in texas. i really didn’t need to go to tx this summer. but i should have tried to get one with the Press of AC. oh well, what can ya do? i learned that all i can do is to live life now so i don’t have regrets later.

and that’s what i plan to do.



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