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OK, quick update cuz it feels like it’s been forever and i’ve been wanting to write, but i need to be heading to bed soon. well, i’m back in va now. back at hu. and i’m already thinking about when i’ll be going home next. haha. but i have been enjoying my time here so far. why? cuz some of the best people in the world are here!!!  lol. i ❤ my buddies. i love them probably more than they know. they make my heart smile.

sooo, it’s been great seeing everybody, catching up and trying to have fun. it’s been a little over a week since i got here and i almost have seen everybody i’ve been wanting to see – the queens and postas, other friends and classmates, and my old HU crushes and cuties. i’m taking 18 credits this semester and it seems like imma have to buckle down and stay on top of my work at all times. i’m aiming for that 4.0+.  most of my classes seem cool. humanities might be a headache. we’ll see. philosophy and sociology seem muy interesante. environmental science brings me back to my AP bio days and for some reason, i love that. there’s a fish tank with a turtle in it in my class, which is a wonderful distraction. i named my turtle Angelou. i’ve been in a naming mood for a bit. i forgot what i named my umbrella though.  lol! and of course, there’s the journalism classes. i’m def gonna have to step my game up with reporting and newswriting. and visual media is basically a whole new thing to me. i’m not much of a photographer. like, i had my digital camera in my purse at the game, but did i take any pictures? nope. oh well. maybe this class will get me more used to taking more snapshots of memories. now, i do be taking pics of myself from time to time (hehe) but i still haven’t taken any with my new hairstyle yet. i have kinky twists. everyone says they like it and i look cute, but i’m bout ready for them to go… lol. i swear, if i hadn’t paid so much to get them done, they might have been taken out today. man.. well, this was my splurge/mistake. everyone’s entitled to one of them once in a while. haha. but this hairstyle isn’t gonna last to homecoming. i miss my hair!

speaking of homecoming, do i want to pay $25 dollars for the TI homecoming concert?? i dunno. i just started even liking TI like this summer or something. and it’s not like i’m crazy about him. and i really ought to not be spending money so much. but i know it’ll be fun. and all my friends will probably be going. and who knows? this could be the biggest homecoming concert in my four yrs here. i mean, the next two yrs could be a repeat of last yr – ruben studdard. not that i don’t love ya, ruben!! but yeah. so we shall see.

anyway, OH – i have a double this yr. the roommate selection was random, but my roommate is extra cool and we get along fine. our room is nice and spacious but it’s extra warm cuz the air doesn’t work correctly. thank goodess w have fans.

oh man, i really should be heading to sleep now, cuz i’m trying to get up early to take care of some work that i put off from doing this weekend. i know… bad start. but lemme touch on the b word for a second.

boys… haha. me and one of my bestest, christina, was talking on the phone tonight about guys, among other things. haha… yeah, should i even speak on this subject right now?.. hehe. well, of course, with me, there’s not cut and dry fairy tale ending type situation. the guys interested in me are either just a friend or too old or somebody i just don’t see in that way. and then the guys i’m interested in either don’t ever approach me, i hardly ever see, are already in relationships, or can’t remember my name. lol! sooo yeah. haha. i guess it’s not that difficult… to say. haha. to live out, it’s not that difficult either.. well, yeah. it most definately can be. but right now it’s just like, God, whatever you see to have be done, let it be done. if that means me being a single, virgin, never-been-kissed twenty five yr old woman or something – then so be it! hey, i’m getting used to it. and no matter what i’ll still be fly!  

oh yeah, and reverse peer pressure works!!! yay! cuz i definately probably would have had that alcohol had my friends who don’t drink hadn’t been with me. oh, and random goal: i want to train for a marathon!


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