searching for a guide through life

mannn… i have this entire paper to write. it’s due tomorrow. and i don’t even feeling like thinking of starting it. plus i have other things to do. i had classes until 5, ate dinner, turned on the tv only to fall asleep, woke up aroung 7, only to start writing… lol – but not my hw. i had this dream that i decided to write out in fiction form. it’s the first time i sat down to write fiction purely for myself, in the LONGEST time. so even though i wasted all that time, it was well worth it.

i hope my story for class won’t be bullshit. i already have a feeling that both the stories i did weren’t as good as i could have made ’em. mmm, my overachieving conscience.

i feel like calling bruce.



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  1. hmmm, glad to see ur writing… maybe u should write me! about bruce!!!

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