searching for a guide through life

october’s here!!!


it doesn’t really feel like i’ve been in school for only a month. it feels much longer than that.

well, my parents and my sister came to visit me yesterday for parents weekend!  it was mucho nice to see them. also mucho nice to just be off campus for the night. and now i’m back in my room.  mmmm.. i dunno. next year i’m getting a new rooming situation. not that there’s anything terrible about the one i’m in now… but next yr i’m either rooming with my best friends or getting a single. yeah.

oh, i took my hair out!!!  my mommy and carin helped me take it out this morning. it felt sooo good to wash my hair in the shower this afternoon. but now i’m gonna have to style it every day. hmm.. but it’ll be fun! i missed my ol’ soft, frizzy-curly short hair.

i have a bunch of homework i should get through. i’m debating going to the library after dinner so i can be in a quiet atmosphere to be able to read and stuff.  

i also need to try to get ready for this Core AWE entrance exam. which is tomorrow, by the way… mmm, i’m not going to jinx myself by saying something pessimistic about it. but there are like 20 ppl who made the cut and only 8-12 ppl are going to be accepted. and there’s still a writing test too. most of the ppl about to take the test are juniors and have much more experience than me. but hey, i’m gonna give it a try. we shall see. if not, that always means more free time to “figure out my life.” haha.

nah, i actually really think i’m at a clear place now. well, clear-ish. haha. but i really like where i am right now. and i know i’m always blessed. despite confusion concerning school, my future career, and boys, i’ll still be blessed.

boys… well, nothing much to update ’bout that subject. i feel like i kinda broke my boy’s heart. and i feel so bad about it. so much that i started crying after talking on the phone with him thursday. but i’m hoping that in time… ::sigh:: yeah.. but then, on the other hand, i have an HU crush. maannn, i saw him friday and randomly thinking about him just makes me smile. lol. ridiculous. heheh. yeah, that’s all i’ll say about all that for now. haha

well, i’m about to head to the cafe and meet the girls.




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