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despite the fact that i’m totally slacking on the homework front, i am thoroughly enjoying my weekend. yesterday i went to the omega’s pj party. good times, good times. tonight i ended up spontaneously going across the bridge to a soul food place after an unsatisfying dinner in the cafe. good times once more.

man, i am definately enjoying my sophomore year. i was looking at some old pictures from last yr and just reflecting and it’s amazing how much difference a year’s made. thinking back – man, i can’t imagine what life would be like now if i’d never gone to hu. i don’t want to imagine.

updates in life – i decided i don’t really want to be a reporter. and since half of being a journalist is being a reporter… haha. mmm, i dunno. maybe i’ll end up sucking it up and finding some sort of enjoyment in invading people’s lives under the art of reporting. perhaps i’ll just focus on copy editing or layout and design or some sort of thing like that. or maybe i’ll graduate with a journalism degree and go off and be a novelist or a screenwriter or a literacy advocate or an editor at a big publishing company or a teacher or a librarian. i don’t know. maybe i’ll manage a bookstore and buy my own franchise. maybe i’ll go to culinary school and open a bakery with my mother. who knows. sky’s the limit.

more updates – i like this guy.  lol. crushes… thus is life.

guess what? my hair is growing! i have it out now all wild. i want to go out in public like this, but i don’t think they could handle it. but it’s beautiful, most def. me and my christina talk about our hair, among numerous other things, and we both want ours to grow. [we’re kinda like hair twins in a way.] but i do like my length. yeah, i wish it was like to my shoulders, down my back. but hey, maybe it’ll get there. it may very well stop exactly where it is but ya never know. maybe.

did yall know there was a Save The Last Dance II?

do yall know that American Dragon: Jake Long had me cracking up today.. lol. gotta love the Disney channel..

well, it’s way past my bedtime, and for the life of me, i hope i get up super duper early so i can work on some of this homework instead of doing it all tomorrow night. i have a handful of stuff to do, on top of brunch, chapel, and the kennedy meet and greet. awww, that should be fun.

oh yeah – and there’s a Dallas game tomorrow. during the meet and greet. ::sigh:: you think maybe they’ll turn it on the tv? they do have a tv in the lobby this year, right? mmmm… maybe i’ll atleast catch the end of it. the cowboys play the eagles tomorrow. philly. maaaannnn. big game. i feel so conflicted, ya know, with philly being so close to home but dallas being my daddy’s team…. mmmm, well LET’S GO DALLAS! but i still luv ya, EAGLES! yall can win your next game.



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  1. omg I was watching that on mtv {Save the last Dance II}yesterday thinking like when did this come out. I didnt like it as much as the first one.

  2. omg I was watching that on mtv yesterday thinking like when did this come out. I didnt like it as much as the first one.

  3. 1. CRUSH?? spill!
    2. save the last dance II was a disgrace
    3. the dallas v philly game was SUCH A GOOD GAME. did u see the end?? oh man, that was CRAZY!
    4. glad you are enjoying yourself

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