searching for a guide through life

i just found out that there’s a tracker on xanga that lets you see exactly who goes on your page.. oh gosh… technology.

in other news — Poptarts are crack. I have Hello Kitty ones and they are crack. i’m eating some riiiight now. i never got the freshman 15 – actually i got it in reverse (i lost about 15 pounds) – but i can see this is moving in the direction of getting there.

i need a break from school. i need an action-packed crazy/fun weekend or something. i need the absence of papers and chapters and deadlines and applications and essays and exams and classes. i need a break.

however, i am loving my good times loitering outside with friends, usually after eating dinner in the cafe, talking, hanging out and doing nothing. those times are absolutely necessary to life. tonight was wonderful.

you know what’s also needed in life? physical interaction with males.. not to sound slutty or anything, i’m just saying.. i miss that. i think my hormones are a little crazy right now. LOL.

mmm.. daylights savings time is messing me up. i’m sooo tired. i better head on to bed and take care of all this shit in the morning…


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