searching for a guide through life

it’s just those rainy days…

lol. today it rained a bit, and it felt so good.

hmmm.. life has been crazy lately. not bad crazy. good crazy. but crazy nevertheless.

it’s like prime internship season right now, and i really need to get on the ball. i’ve applied for this one program so far. not necessarily because i wanted to – but because my professor very much recommended it (haha) and i know that it’d be a beneficial opportunity. but guess where i want to be this summer? i really want to be in jersey. matter of fact, i really want to be at home. i don’t know if this makes me a baby or a punk, but that’s what it is. yet, i know that home isn’t the world and i can’t hold on forever. and if i got an internship at Essence magazine or Seventeen or something like that – i’d jump at it in a heartbeat, no doubt, not looking back – even if it were unpaid. but yeah… i don’t really know what direction i’d like to go with concerning my future career. i just would love it to include reading, writing, enjoying myself, and helping others.

on that note – i really desperately need to adjust my normal schedule to include 3 things: creative writing (my first love!!!), exercising, and reading and studying the Word. i want to have submitted my first short story to a contest by December 1st (its deadline). i want to steal Courtney goal and start working out to be able to have a fabulous body by fall 07 (even though we are fabulous already). my personal goal as far as the exercising thing is that i want to train for a marathon – and run in one before i graduate college. and as far as my Biblical studies go – i want to get through my entire Bible in at least two years, and i want to find a good church home. (i’ve never really had a church home…)

ohh — i can’t wait til Thanksgiving break. i can’t wait to cook. i can’t wait to eat good food. i can’t wait to see my fam and friends. i can’t wait to be able to sit down and read the magazines i bought that i haven’t been able to get to yet. i can’t wait to shop on Black Friday.. hehehehe. good times, good times.

AND — things wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that there is guy drama… yes, in my life… no, i can’t believe it either. haha. but yeah… there are guys. plural. and they don’t go to my school which is kinda a relief but kinda not. and it’s muy interesante pero tambien confusing. how do you say confusing in spanish? i need to start my portuguese studies as well.. hehe, ok definately getting offtrack. but yeah… and i would normally go into some detail on my xanga page, since this is MY journal – no matter how not personal it is – but i just don’t feel like it now… hehehe. perhaps later. perhaps not… ha.

but… MY ROOMMATE IS MAKING ME A PB & J SANDWICH AS WE SPEAK!!!!!!! oh my gosh, she’s wonderful. my own Carin wouldn’t do it for me. Currin – you bout to me replaced. imma upgrade you. you’re soo not ballin. haha. ok.



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  1. If you’re looking for a church home, Dunamis Christian Center is really cool. The ppl are really friendly, and the music and the Word is awesome. E-mail me if you want more info heavenlyfree@hotmail.com
    It’s  predominantly African-Amer., if you were wondering.

  2. REPLACED? what?? i’m irreplacable!

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