searching for a guide through life

ok… i don’t really mean what i said in the last post.
haha. boys do not suck. generally, they can be wonderful. i like to see the good in people.
and i’m not ready to graduate yet. i do enjoy being a college student. i learn something new, like, every day.

ANYWHO – it’s November! do you know what that means?? haha. that’s ok, i forgot about it until an hour ago when i was in the library (for the second time today).  November is National Novel Writing Month. oh yes, i am soo serious. go to nanowrimo.org if you don’t believe me. i learned about this last year (oh was it the year before that? getting older makes me lose track of exact times.. haha). but the year i found out about it, it was like the end of the month. i believe it was last year, and i read about it in the paper when i came home for Thanksgiving. but yeah, anyway – i’ve missed out on a good 9 days… extremely vital when you consider the challenge is to write an entire novel in the course of the 30 days of November – but i think i’m going to do it. (!!!!!!!) i don’t know. i shouldn’t say anything for sure (i’m a punk pussy), BUT i want to try this.

ok — that’s all i wanted to share! oh wait. i had the BEST lunch today. haha.. i think i just enjoyed it cuz it wasn’t the cafe or some greasy fast food or whatnot. i had a chicken salad sandwich and a vanilla latte from Lotta Java’s and i thoroughly enjoyed it. DE-LISH!

i can’t wait for real food at Thanksgiving. i need to hit the gym now to balance out ahead of time for all the goodness i’m going to consume. haha. i ought to hit the gym soon anyways… gosh… i need a trainer… hehehehe.. (inside thought!)

but Carin – remind me that i want to get that raspberry sorbet from the store when i come home. i need to make a list.


Thank God for Thursdays.



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