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(you have to say it with a spanish pronunciation.)

last night was terrible.

not last night in itself. the earlier part of last night was mad cool. movie night part 1 in my friend’s room.  but it was the whole when-i-got-home-and-tried-to-go-to-sleep portion of the night that was too much. i don’t know if it was because i had drank soda or because i had a nap earlier that afternoon, but i think it was mostly because of the third reason…. i kept thinking about him.. i wanted to be with him. gosh. i shouldn’t have been such a shy punk and i should’ve called him last night. but i dunno. i felt kinda shady cuz originally i was supposed to go out with this other guy… that’s another story. but yeah, i kept thinking about him.. i didn’t go to sleep til 5-something in the morning. mannnn… what’s going on with me??



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  1. Anonymous on said:

    “You got it, you got it bad when u miss a day without your friend your whole life is off track…” LOL

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