searching for a guide through life

i’m not going to finish my novel by the end of November.

i haven’t even started it.


sooo.. i really should be finishing my humanities paper right now. or studying for the test tomorrow. or getting prepared with stuff for my group project in another class. but i really needed the pause. the break.

i’m listening to Musiq Soulchild right now. Dontchange. but the song’s about to end… therefore i’ll be on to something new before this entry’s over.

i can’t remember the last time i’ve had a really good cry. i think i might be able to take the purge right about now. but i’m in hampton. i don’t get wild crazy emotions in hampton…

uppp.. the song’s over… how about — hypothetically by lyfe? ok…

sooo… boys are seriously coming out of the woodwork these days. like, craziness. like i’ve barely had this much male attention in my life and now it’s all at one time.

new song: Lovin’ U by Javier

and… i did the most untypical nicole thing and i feel like i should feel more about this. but i don’t. i’m covered with this nonchalant attitude and i don’t really understand why.

oh, i limited saying “i don’t know” from my vocabulary and my writing. cuz half the time, i do know and i don’t know is just another excuse.

i don’t know where i’m going right now… in life.. and usually i overanalyze things and try to figure it out, but it’s like i haven’t had the time. or maybe i subconsciously refuse to do so.

<Stop This Train by John Mayer>

you can tell how slow i write by how quick the song changes come in….

so yeah… and i want to do something different with my hair. i want to stop having to make all the decisions for myself for a second. but i’m not going to wish that or something. i’ve learned from the whole – be careful what you wish for thing… trust me…

<Comfortable by John Mayer>

ok, now i’m IMing at the same time and sidetracked with my own personal thoughts.. i’m not this slow.

sooo.. yeah, things are how they are.

but i still have my health. and my family still has theirs. and i’m going home tomorrow. i’m driving back from DC at night, so pray for me!

on that note.





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  1. what untypical nicole thing??

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