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sooo, i’ve been extremely lazy these last couple of days.  

but hey, i deserve it. the last couple of weeks were rough, but now classes are over and i don’t start finals until Thursday. which means, i should be studying and stuff now. and i will.. later… i just am enjoying a few good days of guilt-free free time. niiice..

finals should really be ok. i’m really not stressing at all. there’s an essay i ought to write in advance cuz it’s due thursday… i have an 8 o’clock exam thursday. and then two exams friday afternoon. i know i’m nowhere close to jeopardizing my gpa requirement for my scholarship. it’s even possible i can stay in the 4.0 zone. i mean, it might drop (darn, 200) but even if it does, i’ll be straight, right?

well, third semester is coming to an end. five more to go.. i’m not ready to graduate or anything though. i like college. it’s been quite an experience so far. not to mention that i haven’t quite figured out what i want to be doing after i graduate.. but yeah. it’s been an experience..

i’m not even ready to go home for winter break. i know, i know.. crazy, huh? i mean, i’m glad classes are over and i love seeing my family, but i might go stir crazy being home for 4 weeks. i enjoyed the break last yr, but i was a freshman. i’m sure i’ll make the most of my vacation. i just know i’ll miss my hampton folks. i’ll miss my queens, my buddies, my guy..

so yeah, i’ve been seeing this guy..  ::sigh:: it’s crazy how i met him and it’s crazy how comfortable i feel around him and it’s crazy how fast everything has moved. but i like him.  it’s messed up how this month long break is just gonna interrupt everything. he’s been asking when my last day here will be.. i was like, “what you’re trying to get rid of me?” lol. but i guess he just wants to see how much time we’ll have to hang out before i leave. so seeing that i have all this free time this week, i hope we do get to chill together. cuz usually the only times we get to spend time is the weekends. he doesn’t go to my school. he graduated already. so between me and my busy life and him and his… ya know.. but hey. i’m trying not to stress about things cuz when we are together, it’s good. i like me and him together.

ok.. so, changing the subject. christmas is coming up. i need to get some shopping done. i don’t even know what to get everybody. i barely know what to get anybody. and at first, i thought i didn’t want anything, but now there’s a few items on my list. i want to do something over the break — like along the lines of a tattoo or piercing or new hairstyle. i don’t think i’m quite ready for the tattoo yet. not because of needles or anything. that’s whateva. i just have a thing against permanence. tattoos are basically forever. so yeah… i’ll probably either get a cartilage piercing or my left ear or a new hairstyle. or i could punk out aand do none of the above, but we’ll see. i really want to do something with my hair cuz ponytails really aren’t that good for my hair. but i’m not really up to cutting it again and i’m def not gonna perm it. but i might start pressing it or something. last winter i put this temporary dye in it. maybe i’ll get some kind of more permanent color in it. i don’t know.

well, anyway.. i ought to get a move on for today.



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  1. Good luck with finals!

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