searching for a guide through life

i’m bored being here in NJ.
i haven’t seen any of my friends from high school, but it doesn’t bother me as much as i thought. i’ve been mostly stuck at home all day every day, but it isn’t the absolute worst.
i just miss Hampton (home?)…
i’m definitely looking foward to next semester.

and guess what? ya gurl has a job for the summer. i got the Dow Jones Business Reporting internship. The lady called me yesterday and told me to let her know my decision by Tuesday. I’ll probably call her tomorrow. Although i’ll probably not make that much money at all after i pay for rent and living expenses and such, and although i’ll be stuck in a lil ol’ town in Maryland that i know nothing about, this will probably be a good experience for me. it’s not something i should pass up.

even though i’m not sure i should be a journalist.

i told my uncle about the sort-of boyfriend yesterday. lol. only b/c he was harassing me. him and my dad got to the apartment right before we were all about to go out to see DreamGirls. the first thing the man asks is about where the macaroni and cheese is. the next, personally directed to me, is do i have a boyfriend. hahaa. i’m like “huh?” “what?” “why are you asking that?” hahaa.. basically playing dumb cuz i know the routine. so of course i have to tell him cuz of course he won’t let up. he was like – it’s a simple yes or no. he asks me again. my response – not really. “that’s a yes,” he says. haha.. that boy is not my boyfriend. that’s my story and i’m sticking with it. only time will tell and right now, me being in NJ and him being in VA/ATL/wherever puts everything basically on pause.

in other news, my grades were straight this semester. 4 As, 2 A+s. i was researching my quasi Spring break plans to Brazil and i’m thinking… it’s not going to happen. oooh, i so wanted to go. but between costs, getting my favorite people to be there with me (which puts costs on them ), and not being anywhere quite near bathing suit ready, i don’t think it’s gonna go down this year. maybe for the 21st bday. plus Chrissy wants us to go somewhere this summer and Khalia wants us to go to Cancun this summer….  yo – this is all not going to happen. i LOVE to travel, but as i get older and have to foot my own bill, there are other things to consider.

but i do want to make the most of life. travelling, trying new things, living life to the fullest.

here’s to oh-seven!



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