searching for a guide through life

i wrote an entry yesterday, but my internet messed up so it got erased. don’t you hate that?

well, not much to say right now.. i’m sooo bored here. i feel so lazy cuz i don’t really do anything. i miss having classes. at least there was something to do, ya know.. haha. but hey, i’ll be back soon enough. like 9-10 days or something.

maybe i need these days though. maybe i need this time to find the strength to push myself. i realized that.. i don’t really push myself – for the stuff that I want. i mean, ok. i’ll do school fine. teachers tell me to do this, do that and i push myself and pull out a good finished product. i’ll do stuff to follow the path that i’m supposed to… apply for scholarships, apply for internships.. but — when’s the last time i really followed through with something I wanted?




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