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so, i’m back at school.  yeah – i can just sum it up with the smile. yeah, i guess after a month in jersey i was ready to be back down south. at my home by the sea.. haha.

anyway – oh seven’s gonna be so hot, i just know it will. i will make it that way. because i am in control of my destiny.. at least some of it. haha.

so updates – winter break.. gosh. how do i sum up winter break in a nut shell. i most definitely didn’t take advantage of it and i know it. but hey.. whatever. i watched like a dozen million movies, spent a few random hours with friends, slept, and gained weight. i read two books and decided that Not From New York will be my first novel, though i haven’t started on that yet. and i chatted on AIM… oh gosh, AIM. my generation…

but now i’m back. i saw my “clique” today and spent random times idling outside my dorm b/c the weather was just beautiful. tomorrow, hopefully i’ll get to see more people. it’ll be yet another day of books and syllabi (is that the plural of syllabus?). i’m hoping my classes are cool and i don’t have a major problem getting my text books for the semester. i start classes in my minor this semester! actually half of my six classes are dedicated to that, two are kinda general courses, and i only have one in my major. this semester should be definitely interesting.

i don’t have the car right now. there was a problem and the brakes gave out. so my dad’s gonna fix it, drive it around for a while to test it out, and then my grandfather’s supposed to bring it down to me at the end of the month. we’ll see how that goes. maybe this is a sign that i’m not supposed to have my car this semester. but i really do think i should get a part time job.. so, i dunno. we’ll see about that.

as far as guys go – this one guy, a new friend who has total knowledge that i’m seeing this other guy, decided that we’re gonna hook up just because he likes me. i gave him full warning that i’m a difficult chick and that this probably would not go down as he wishes. “no worries,” he tells me.. oh gosh. boys… so i’m trying my best not to be a jerk but also keeping my normally carefree, friendly, sweet self in check lest it send out signals that will get misconstrued. and the other guy… haha..  ::sigh:: sometimes i get so frustrated thinking about him. and i just want to write him off and move on. and then he calls. and i smile. man oh man. i dunno what imma do with this man. and he moved too, still in Hampton, but not like right down the street anymore.. ::sigh:: i really don’t know. but there’s something about this dude.

oh – so my hair – i tried about twists during break. which were cool, but too much for me to keep up with in school. i really wanted to buy a CHI hot curler but i went to the store like 4 times and they didn’t have the size i wanted. so i was too stubborn to buy something else. i might have to break down though. i dunno what to do with my hair. i need to go to a salon to get the ends trimmed, but i don’t really have a strong trust when it comes to hair dressers and my hair. lol. i was looking at all these Hampton gurls today – mostly freshman i believe – and they had their straight, thick, long, dark permed hair or some kinda stylish look to match their perfect outfits and i’m like, gosh, if that’s what a “Hampton girl” is, i am not one of them. i was in my class t-shirt, some old jeans and a hoodie and my hair was just randomly put back in a ponytail with a headband. i cannot compete with them. at all. good thing i’m not trying. but i would like to do something cute with my hair.

anyway — first day of classes is tomorrow! so i better start getting ready for bed.



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