searching for a guide through life

question: if the prodigal son never encountered the troubles he encountered, would he ever have returned home???


feel free to answer….

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  1. I think he would have, b/c the father in the parable represents God. No matter how “successful” you are (success can be money, career, fame, education, whatever), God created us with a built-in need/ dependency on him. When we are without Him, we are in trouble, whether we realize it or not. The prodigal son had a relationship with the Father to compare all his wordly success to, and really, there was no comparison. Sooner or later, he would have realized it, I am certain. Why do you ask?

  2. I think maybe he would have…often we dont return to GOD unless we’re having problems… sometimes we return home BEFORE we have problems…but honestly…who knows if the prodigal son would have returned home. I think thats just how it goes…God doesnt want us to become so big that we forget who is our father and never return home…but we also have free will too…

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