searching for a guide through life

i’m over here smiling like a fool. hehe. i dunno. today was just a nice day.

life has been somewhat of some craziness lately. i feel like there’s not enough hours in the day. but i’m trying to be carefree. why? because i can do this and everything will be ok.

i feel like i’m getting behind with my course work. it’s not like i’m not used to having a full load of classes, it’s just that i wanted to read all my chapters beforehand and take my own notes, and i’m seriously slacking on that front. yo, and i just realized that because my minor isn’t in liberal arts or a science, i could be kinda screwed… yeah, but i hope everything clears with that.

i feel like such a young lady. haha. i think i should make some sort of 3-year plan or something. direct myself to what i might do after graduation. i don’t think grad school is looking like a reality. haha.. school… but, oh my gosh – guess what my favorite class is this semester – accounting! haha. no shit. biology, journalism, accounting… you make the connections. oh boy.. i’m so mixed up. maybe my internship this summer will bring me back more to this journalism thing. cuz i’m doing foolish things right now..

but yeah, this summer i’ll be in maryland. i’m slightly excited about that. i’m waiting for more info to come in this week. i looovee getting mail. i think that goes back to my memories of my grandfather – my mother’s father.

i’m also excited about Brazil for my bday, Vegas in Aug. for NABJ, and Chi-town maybe for the NACC trip.. haha. i did promise Christina we’d go somewhere.

gosh, i need a JOB.

ohhh.. i might ask my buddy to take me out on a date mid-week. look at me, being all 21st century… i like him.

well, i need to get offline. time to reject my work, get ready for bed, and wake up super early to push through yet again.

“I hope tomorrow will bring a better you, a better me…”

God bless!




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