searching for a guide through life

ok, imma need a weekend extension. is that good for you? you can make it happen? ok, let’s do it!

i tell ya… i feel like i’m hanging by a string, going through the motions.

what i think i need in life is for me to be more openly, brutally honest about things in life. just approach people like “yo, this is how i need it to be; i’m not dealing with your ish; i’m not gonna take on those responsibilites; i won’t have you do me like that; sorry, i’m going to do me – thanks.”

i have to re-evaluate some things.

on top of that, i’m getting bored again. which means, i want to change my major again. haha. oh gosh. i’m not though. it’s like saying i want to quit school. i won’t. i really just gotta work on my focus though. i get pulled this way and that way by other people’s objectives sometimes, only to wake up from the fog months later, like wtf – what am i doing?

i’m almost 20 years old. this mess needs to stop.


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