searching for a guide through life

<<don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone. they paved paradise to put up a parking lot>>

so yeah, what’s going on with life.. haha. it’s crazy that i used this to chronical my life from like junior yr in highschool on (or maybe senior yr.. maybe the former xanga was junior).. haha. but now i’m almost a junior in college. when i have time, i oughta go back and look at past entries again. this might come in handy when it’s time to write my autobiography. lol.

but yeah, anyway. life’s crazy lately. like, i should not be on xanga cuz i should be doing the millions of stuff to do on my to do list that i haven’t had time to make. this month should be a crazy, fun, hectic, stressful month.

i’m in love though.

hehe. it’s not what you think. i’m in love with my God. i’m in love with my family and my friends. i’m in love with love and life and me.

yeah, mannn…

i’m still on the school hustle full time. i got so many tests this week and i’ve been keeping up with the material, but i haven’t been able to take in depth notes and such like i would have liked to. that’s my best way of studying. but i’ll do things a little different for this first half of the semester and see how that goes.

i need to get on the job apps asap. i want to work at target where one of my buddies works. so i’m crossing my fingers with that. there’s also a couple other things i want to starting adding to my current life schedule. which means sleep and free time as i knew it might change. but i’m hoping for the best.

i went to this off campus church on sunday. oh gosh, i really liked it. i think i should go back. sometimes it is good to stick with things that make you feel good. oh course, there’s also them things that make you feel good for the moment, but you know isn’t quite right when you step away from it and reflect. i’m not talking about that. yeah, that’s why me and former buddy will probably be falling off. mmmm… but you know, that’s that.

i had a dream about first.love last night. i’ll always love that man. the prototype, huh… but he’s good baggage. lol.

let me get back to this student thing..

God bless!


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