searching for a guide through life

well, i made it back home all by myself in one piece. yay me!

ummm… since when did xanga spell check things?

perhaps i should blatantly start spelling things wrong on purpose. sike! i’m a writing major. what sense would that be?

anyways, i have a dozen things to write about but the oven just beeped, signifying that its now preheated enough for me to stick the sweet potatoes in, but i haven’t washed and prepared ’em yet. yep, i’m cooking me my birthday dinner. baked sweet potatoes, asparagus and chicken – probably barbeque chicken. i baked my cake yesterday. yesterday was mad cool, yo. hahaha.

but yeah, anyways. it feels good to be on break. i’ve been wonderfully lazy. taken baths, ate cereal, watched HBO on demand (love that concept) – the next episode of Def Poetry and this movie coming out called Life Support. both wonderfully good! watch it! lol. oh, and if you have HBO on demand, go back and watch last Friday’s episode. my girl, Riva, was on it!! she’s amazing – do not sleep on it!

but yeah, i’ve been just chilling and stuff, being me. my birthday’s tomorrow. i’ll be traveling like all day. we’re going to Brazil, which should be an awesomely amazing experience.

anyway, i just wanted to update for a sec. i just wanted to say that i’m learning so much these days and i’m glad to see me growing up into the woman i’m becoming. it’s a struggle, but i’m backed by God, so it’s wonderful. i’m still stubborn, but i’m working on letting go and letting God. i’m building my relationship, and it is soooo important to me. so just, lift me up in prayer. of course, i’ll do the same.

love ya!


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  1. Happy Birthday and I haven’t talked to yah in a while.

  2. i’m so proud of you HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE!

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