searching for a guide through life

::back in the day when i was young, i’m not a kid anymore::

wow, i’ve sure had this xanga for a long time now..

anyways.. so what’s been going on en mi vida lately?? you can tell it’s the end of the semester now cuz my level of caring schoolwise has been severely slipping. but luckily, i’m not loaded with work at the end of this year like some people. so i’m good.

i swear, high school seems like a billion days ago (hah), but in some ways i’m still the same.

so this guy.. i realize i’m shy around him. so i won’t call. which is stupid, cuz i think he’s shy too.  mmm, i’ll get myself together. hopefully before it’s too late.

i need something to do this weekend. ya know, i want something apart from the ordinary. but something fun.. hmm..

i need to f-ing clean up my room. i almost want to start packing some things cuz we leave in like 3 and a half weeks. but when do i ever pack early?

this summer’s gonna be crazy.

confession: i miss my sister being best friends with me.

random: i love Flaws and All by Beyonce

mmmm… i need to write this paper by tomorrow.  




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