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sooo.. it’s summer vacation already.
you know how i know it? cuz i’ve been waking up late every day, watching movies, hanging out aimlessly, and such like that. it’s summer vacation.

i’m still at school in VA. i still have a final on monday and a final on tuesday. then i’m basically kicked out to go back to NJ and try to fit in spending time with my family, visiting friends, shopping, cooking, eating, working out, chilling in NJ, going to my appointments and getting my life together in one week. yep, i’ll only be home for one week. i’m kinda wary about how i use the term “home.” i think it’s hard being a student going to school hundreds or thousands of miles away from where you spent most your life. it can confuse the concept of home. cuz i love NJ – that’ll always be my spot – but the concept of home has been expanding for me. and if you go by the whole “home is where the heart is” thing, i got quite a few homes. my love is spread all over the place.

like VA. i LOVE my hampton family. i truly do. and then i have this wonderful, wonderful man in my life right now. he has my heart. and i expect him to have it for a damn long time. like, when i think about it rationally, it makes no sense how all this is happening. i wasn’t supposed to fall like this.. this fast, this hard, at the end of the schoolyear. but… i can’t describe it. oh my gosh, yall don’t even know. that’s my baby.

and i’m leaving in about 4 days… 😦  but me and ty are supposed to spend tomorrow together. and we’ll see each other over the summer. so i’m just praying the distance won’t mess us up. imma miss him like crazy. ugh.. hopefully this internship will be worth it though.

so… summer’s here. then fall 07 – oh boy!

God bless.


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  1. That’s sweet. I’m so happy for you.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    lol dont get it twisted, NJ is waaayyyy better than VA. dont be fooled

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