searching for a guide through life

aloha  — it means hello and goodbye —

SO, it’s officially my last day in Virginia. 24 hours from now, i will be on the road, making my way back to New Jersey with all my stuff. gosh, i have a lot of stuff. i mean, it’ll fit in the car and everything… it’s just, i have a lot of stuff.

my baby’s supposed to come over today to help me pack everything in the car. he’s coming. i know he’s been held back before, but i’m leaving tomorrow morning. so he’s coming. if something comes up, the US Air Force is gonna have a very angry college student on their hands. real talk.

i hope i don’t cry. i was crying on and off for the past two days. i think i’m done with tears. but that doesn’t mean it’ll hurt any less. oh my gosh, when did i get like this???

well, i have one more final, which i still need to review for. i want to catch up with my girlies. i got my oil changed this morning, so i just need to fill up my tank. maybe i should fill up the air in my tires, but i should be ok if i don’t get to that. and that’s that.

wow. another year done with. it’s crazy. i’m halfway done my undergraduate career. it’s insane. i love my home by the sea and i’m already looking foward to junior year (though i’m not sure what my housing situation will be like.. hmmm.. ).

i definitely will try to keep up with my xanga over the summer. i have a feeling imma be hella busy, but it should be ok. i was balancing my checkbooks yesterday and i realized that i’m broke. not joking around broke, but broke, broke. so getting a part-time job in addition to my internship and summer class might be the way to go. even if it means hardly no free time to go home on weekends or get weekend visits in MD. but we’ll see. my mom mentioned the other day that they’ll help me pay for a portion of my summer course, which would be wonderful.

i feel like tomorrow’s the beginning of everything. keep me in your prayers!


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