searching for a guide through life

the only bad thing about the music coming out this summer is that i can’t go out to a party and dance to it. lol.

life’s pretty good right now. work is cool. it def keeps me busy and amused. i’m learning, getting a little more adjusted to this whole reporting and talking to perfect strangers thing. the people in this town make me have hope for humanity. not that i didn’t before, but they’re just so generally nice and helpful. next weekend – not this one, cuz i’m going home – but the weekend after, i’m gonna find a church to go to around here. i think that’d be good.

i got my first story on the front page today. big time. and then cliff (my boss) dumped 3 new stories my way.   but that’s good. i like working. i like everything. i like my eating habits here – my peanut butter sandwiches on cinnamon raisin bagels. i like my cozy little room and having it to myself despite the two beds. i like going to sleep mad early and waking up to the sun before my alarm even goes off..

i’m weird.

i started class Monday and i go back tomorrow. in fact, i have homework. which i have to do before i hit the sheets in a few hours. i totally don’t want to do it, but imma be a good girl.

this weekend i go home!! yea! i dunno why i’m so looking forward to going home. originally, i wasn’t even gonna go back for my sister’s graduation, but why not? it should be cool.. chilling with family, catching up. maybe going to the boardwalk. i wanna go to the beach!! for no reason at all, but to feel the sun on my skin. the AC beach is interesting in itself anyway. and i need one more Steel Pier ride in my life before Trump shuts it down forever.

my man was supposed to come up to maryland this weekend though. i mean, he told me he was going to before i let him know i was going home. mmm.. oh well… what can ya do? he was gonna come up to “make it up to me.” this boy’s been MESSING UP. forreal. ::sigh:: like this weekend, when i was scared to death that something bad happened to this fool cuz he said he’d call back in two minutes and never picked up the phone until 2 days later… that man was perfectly fine. hanging out with his newphews, having cookouts, watching movies.. i mean really, he couldn’t have called, sent a text, a smoke signal, something to just let me know he was still alive and breathing? and although that was bad, it hasn’t been the only time. and what’s ironic is that he was the one telling me i was worth it, that i deserved that emotional connection with someone who genuinely cared. but man… while i’m not trying to just run away when it gets rough, something needs to make a change. cuz this won’t fly. i’m starting to hate her voice. you know, the lady who says “you have reached the voicemail of phone number 757…” yeah, i’m starting to hate her voice..


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  1. Waking up with sun!?!?! You are wierd. lol j/p

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