searching for a guide through life

well, i’ve never been to Nevada before.

that’s my excuse. so i’m going to Vegas, baby!

the cheap side of me as well as the “well, you’re not even going to be a journalist” part of me is telling me to come to my senses and forgo the trip. and the tryna-work-on-being-a-“good”-Christian part of me is a little wary about indulging in the City of Sin. but the travel bug in me, the ambitious woman in me, and the party girl in me is telling me – go on, gurl. they’re winning out.

i’m going to Las Vegas.

that’s where the National Association of Black Journalists is having its annual convention in August. deadline for early registration is tomorrow. i’ll pay online today. and hopefully everything else (getting the flight and lodging last minute and paying for meals) will just work itself out.

it should be a good experience. you know, family reunion type ish. black people, finally – lol, Austin! Austin says i have to go. and that we’re gonna go out to the strip club while we’re there. oh my.. hehehe. he said he’d get me drinks if i want, me being underaged. but i’m gonna be on my best behavior. i’m plotting on getting a JOB out of this. well, if not a job, i’m hoping on getting a lot of good contacts that i WILL keep in touch with, meeting Bryan Monroe finally (cuzin!!! lol.), and getting some ins so that when i go around to applying for summer internships for next year, i’ll be good.

i still don’t know what i want. i really should have interned after freshman year so i’d have three summers instead of two. ideally it’d have been good to do a paper, a magazine, and something in publishing, just cuz i’m a book whore. but now i have one summer left. do i try at a bigger paper? the phila inquirer and the atlanta journal-constitution would be wonderful – but i think i’m partial because i LOVE philly and atlanta’s where i got family. a magazine internship would be amazing cuz i want that experience sometime in my life. i love mags and i’m eyeing Black Enterprise and Essence particularly… then again, i’m expanding my choices.. and cuzin has the Ebony/Jet hookup. lol – i need to STOP. that man doesn’t even know me or how we’re “related.” mag internships aren’t always paid… and most are in nyc – a hella expensive place to live. then again, it’d be nice to be back in nyc again. and if it got down to it, i could stay with my grandma and take the train every day across the nj/ny border. option 3, of course, would be the oh-so-attractive Random House internship. i could try their associates program after graduating too. i could do an internship after graduating too. i could get myself into PR. or buck everything and go down a completely unrelated path.

who knows? no one but God. and He said not to worry about tomorrow.

so now i’m just gonna stay cool like the other side of the pillow.


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  1. Vegas sounds fun.

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