searching for a guide through life

all i got is my music and my afro.

i’m in a really weird mood right now. comfortably melancholy-like. i don’t like it.

i want to talk to someone. i need to vent. but i can’t pick up the phone and reach out to someone. i can’t find the words.

i hate this.

i have a feeling i won’t be able to go to sleep again tonight. too bad he has work in the morning. it’s not like he hears me anyway.

i need to break-up with the non-existant boyfriend.

and get a life.

at least i have some money in the bank.

i’m not writing. i’m just hanging in here.

and i’m confused.

but maybe if i turn my attention to packing up my entire room in boxes, i’ll get over it. maybe.

i just want to throw everything away and start new.

but i come with baggage.



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