searching for a guide through life

highlights of summer 07 (in no particular order)

-going to FOUR family reunions. count ’em, f.o.u.r.. can’t no one say i got a small family.

-laughing ’til i cried with my mom and sister

-the random night with Amanda, Maurita and Jess – blue hawaiians, Wawa, and driving in cars with boys from Philly – the BEST!

-going to Vegas – to see the Bellagio like in Oceans 11, hang out in a hot tub when the tempature outside was like the same tempature as the water, walking seven blocks to the LIBRARY of all places (lol), and making money at the casinos of course (heehee)

– the mass sleepover with seven of my favorite girls after the DJS reunion

-my lil date with Bruce… lol, even though it was mad regular, it was cute

-taking my stand at the call to discipleship at church

-when my lil cuz Kevin told me he missed me – warmed my heart more than anything

-walking all around NYC with two newfound friends all because i had a craving for “old-fashioned” icecream, settling for dessert at Uno’s, and later finding a Ben and Jerry’s a block away

-hanging in Manhatten and Brooklyn with Bonita

-packing my entire room

-the Rita’s Water Ice/ Alex’s Lemonade Stand fundraiser in Frederick

-driving in my car around Maryland

-my sister and brother’s graduations

-and probably a handful of more that i can’t think of right now


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