searching for a guide through life

why’d they invent homework? ugggghhh… i’m  already so done with school and classes just started last week. i’m gonna need to get over that mindset. but you know what? i’ve been thinking about the possibility of graduating early. it’s a real possibility too. so instead of getting out may 09, i could get my diploma in dec 08. hmmmm…

i still need to get my life together, in terms of my career and where i want that to go. i need to stop acting like i can do everything all by myself – i NEED God. and i need to not allow other people to guide my destiny. my teachers, my peers… they mean well and all, but they don’t know what’s best for me. that’s why i have to be confident with mine so they don’t try to persuade me otherwise.

i also gotta figure out what i’m gonna do in this crazy world of men and relationships. i have an ole’ guy from last year calling my cell, i’ve been debating getting in touch with my old buddy, and on top of everything, i miss him so much. i don’t know what to do…. :-/

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