searching for a guide through life

how ’bout them Cowboys!! ;-P

mannnn… it’s a shame. i haven’t even seen a game. i’ve only had time to check up on the scores.

it’s seems like it’s been a while since i last wrote in here. well, i’m going into my third week at school, but it feels like i’ve been here for much longer. i LOVE my roommate situation . i’m rooming with my best bud and it’s great. we’re keeping each other from going crazy cuz this schoolwork is no joke. i’m taking less credit hours than i’ve ever taken but i still feel like i’m handling a lot. AND i quit my most demanding extra curricular. i guess it doesn’t help that i picked up a new, just-as-demanding one. and I got a job!!!

yea!! i’m excited about my job. it may end up just being a lot of time spent for little money, but i’m really going to need that lil money over no money. times is hard. plus the people there seem really cool. it’ll be fun. i already got myself a boo at work. LOL

speaking of such — HA. i need to stop acting out at parties. people are gonna get the wrong impression. hehehe. but, on the real, i just love to have fun. and i had fun this weekend.  sure, i have tons of work to do now. and sure, it might cuz some type of drama later on, but i am SO in the “don’t sweat the small stuff” mode.

my only regret thus far is that i have not worked a lick on my novel or on creative writing since i’ve been here. it’s a shame.

oh – and i realized that being a reporter is so not what i want to do when i graduate. which makes me think, i really don’t know what i want to do when i get out of school. and i might be graduating a semester early so i really need to figure this out. getting into PR for a public healthcare system sounds cool to me. and i’m still entranced with the idea of working with magazines – i’m just not sure in what capacity.

i still believe that God will help me see my way through. i know i really, really, really need to trust in Him in all areas of my life right now – most particularly, my family situation, my situations with the opposite sex, my career situation and my financial situation.

but yeah, i really need to get off this computer right now and get to the books.

adios (lol – Jason)


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