searching for a guide through life

thinking of life makes me smile so much now. sorry, you know me, gotta be all reflective and stuff.

but anyway, the semester is picking up. i’m getting busier and busier, but hopefully i can manage. and when the money from my job starts rolling in, i know i’ll be even more pleased. financial stability and career direction are some of my major goals for this year.

but besides that boring stuff…. did i mention how much i love my roommate? cuz now i can just act goofy and silly and strictly myself and talk about any and everything. i’m so glad. i think that whenever two people live together, if possible, you should live with someone who you can constantly laugh, smile and share life with. it’s healthier on your heart.

speaking of my heart — oh gosh, i have a crush. a kinda unlikely one at that. and of course, i don’t know how to act. i got some very good advice from guys about how girls shouldn’t just keep their feelings in, but i’ve NEVER been that girl who can just go up to guys and approach them like that. stupid, i know, cuz in like every other aspect of life i don’t care what other people think of me. but i don’t know how i’d deal with the awkwardness or whatever if he knew how i felt but didn’t feel the same way back. so really i want to test things out, hang out with him more, get a better feel for it all.. so.. we’ll see.

and i really need to break it off with homeboy… again… temptation is a mess.


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