searching for a guide through life

to the baby…

…because i write about myself entirely too much in this xanga.

my lil sister’s about to have herself a little sister. the other day i misspoke and said she’d be an aunt, but in actuality, she’ll be a big sister. i guess the age difference threw me off.

so to the baby,

i wish you all the greatness this world has to offer. i wish you more days of sunshine than rain, and when it rains, i hope you always see the rainbows – and get to dance in puddles from time to time. i wish that you keep your innocence for as long as possible. i wish you the best posse of friends to make your days worthwhile. i pray that God continually guides your steps as you grow – as you grow in your mother’s belly, as you grow from a baby to a little girl, as you grow from a girl unto a woman.

i don’t need to wish you love. you’ve had that from day one. you are blessed for the fact that you are going to be born into a wonderful family. i love my little sister with every ounce of my fiber, and my little sister and your big brother love each other with every ounce of their fibers. all that love is yours too, little one. our love continues to grow for you.

God bless you.


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  1. i never comment on here, cuz i email you but this is what pj said when i sent him what you wrote:RyD3 0r Dy3: RyD3 0r Dy3: omg i love herStarrysky808:   me tooStarrysky808:   RyD3 0r Dy3: RyD3 0r Dy3: yesRyD3 0r Dy3: my day was madeRyD3 0r Dy3: took 23 hoursRyD3 0r Dy3: but it was all worth itStarrysky808:   awwwStarrysky808:   not a moment too soon, huh?RyD3 0r Dy3: nopeRyD3 0r Dy3: i’m so inspired nowRyD3 0r Dy3: she writes so beautifullywhen nate read it he said: awww… that’s so nice. she should be a poet the only 2 who’s seen it, but i want to show everyone cuz ur beatiful, and that was wonderful.i love you nicole!

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