searching for a guide through life

what is this weekend of which you speak?


i hope mr. tyler perry is making money off this new movie of his ’cause it is WORKING us!

i don’t have weekends anymore. i’ve kinda accepted that. i have work. but you know what, i think i enjoy being at work more than i enjoy most of the things i am doing in life right now. i mean, class — uhhh.. the script — uhhh… everything in life has it’s good points and bad points. working at cinema cafe is no exception. there’s been times where i was like, let me put in my two weeks notice TODAY. i’ve cried at work. i’ve felt burned out and frazzled. there’s so many instances where i’m like “i don’t want to go in today” and then when i get there, like “ok, i’m ready to clock out.” but overall — i love working there. it’s crazy. we are some damn characters. but i love everybody. they’re like a new family to me. just like i have my HU fam. just like i have my script fam.. we look out for each other, we’d fight for each other. we’re a team. and i love that.

so work has been good lately. PLUS i’ve been making that [[guap]]. haha.
still, imma need this Tyler Perry crowd, to calm the — down. straighten up and fly right. and know how to TIP, like the “other” people.

it’s crazy how i probably enjoy working there more than i did my internship this summer. my future is not with cinema cafe. it’s in something related to the field that i’m studying.. so why am i feeling this way?

uhhh… my entire life feels mixed up and frazzled. i don’t know what i’m doing anymore. i feel forgetful and spread too thin. for the past two weeks, i think i’ve only been getting one meal per day. so i’m losing weight… ehhhh.. sleep is shotty. i’ll either oversleep or not get enough. tonight is one of the not getting enough.

and have i mentioned that boys are confusing my pretty little head? i hardly have time to let it bother me. i don’t have time to address it. i hardly can deal with me, let alone another person. soooo.. let the record know that i’m single. and for a while, i’m trying to keep it that way. and i shall live out my singleness how i please.

eventually, i’ll have to deal with it all.

it all.

but now i need to wash my hair and get 4 hours of sleep. just give me four sweet hours to rejuvenate. a bit.


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