searching for a guide through life

“there’s sleep enough when we’re dead.”

that’s what he told me.

it’s amazing how things change.


okay, so maybe i’ve changed too. yes, i can see it. i’ve watched how i’ve juggled my strength. the give and take. just deal with this, quit trying with that. all for the sake of keeping up with my sanity.

maybe insane is the logical choice.

it’s funny, you know. the world is set up in this way. but don’t they tell us in church that we’re not of this world??

i need to go back to the sanctuary.

i think i’ve guarded my heart so much that i can’t get to it myself. or maybe i don’t recognize it anymore. that’s an even scarier thought.

i want to share my voice with the world, but i can barely bring myself to whisper.

where did this woman come from?


i want better.



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