searching for a guide through life

so i was out doing christmas shopping again today (…i’m going broke…) when i found myself in Borders – my fav store ever.  coincidentally, i ran into a friend from school who i haven’t seen since like the very start of the semester.

the awkward moment? 

the book i was browsing through was one on erotic photography. and he totally noticed.

haha. it was definitely more awkward for him than me. in fact, it didn’t embarrass me whatsoever. but being how i usually naturally pick up on people’s feelings, i felt his discomfort about the whole thing. the conversation was short – talk about finals and if we still stayed on campus… he looked a lot different to me. his eyes more quiet, his face younger looking..

but then again, a lot has changed since freshmen year.. with all of us.

the small talk we make when we see each other often revolves around the semester’s end, finals, going home, upcoming graduations.. yet those aren’t the real concerns in my mind… i’m often finding myself feeling so disconnected to campus and my fellow students.

in a year, i’ll be gone anyway…



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