searching for a guide through life

::all i want to do is please you, please myself by living my life too::

it’s the end of an era.

so many people are graduating, going their seperate ways. my heart moves to florida tomorrow morning. it’s funny cuz recently whenever i get to see him, i feel all nervous and my heart starts beating fast around him. like i have a crush. a crush on my ex-husband. imagine that.

i’m preparing for the journey up to jersey to see the fam and handle my b.i. then it’s down to georgia for a life of i-don’t-know. but at least i’ll have my own room. score! and a stove to cook on. it’s crazy how unpredictable life has become these days. like trying to hold sand in your hands.

imma need all the encouragement i can get to write my first novel this summer. it’s in me, i just have to get it out of me. it’s funny – as much as i say i have no plans for the summer, there’s a lot i want to do.

God has a wonderful plan for me. i’m glad i’m in His hands.


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  1. i don’t get it… what’s with that comment, and the email? why this sudden, i don’t know you? and also, cuz i wanted to write in both xanga and email and wanted to say the same things in both so i decided to combine. i usually dont… i just have limited use of a pc, so it seemed like a good idea.  

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