searching for a guide through life

there’s something subtly beautiful about becoming a woman.

i can’t deny it; there’s so much craziness going on right now – in the world, in this country, in my circle, in my life. but i also can’t deny my blessings. and growing up, that’s a blessing.

i’m pleased at where i am right now. and what i’ve come from. only by the grace of God.

i’m getting more and more accoustomed with my internship. it always helps to have people you work with who you can be real with and who you can gel with. i mean, take the cafe for example. people came in and out, but we were a unit. shoot, i met my husband, my brother, and big head there. i’ve only been at the internship for two weeks, but i think i’m gonna develop some friendships that will last above and beyond this summer experience. i knew i would get something out of this job. sure, it may not be the ultimate dream, but it’s cool. i’m learning tons. did you know just how much work goes into a magazine? every day i come home from work beat. but it’s good ‘cuz i’m expanding my mind and well… continuing to grow.

i’m also getting a better feel for Atlanta, and i’m thinking… i could really see myself here. i do like it. i still don’t have the plan yet, but if i’m not staying in the Hampton Roads area for a while, i can see myself moving to Atlanta late December or early January. like my own apartment and everything. not just staying at my grandparents’ house. that way, i can get the real taste of a twenty-something’s life in the ATL. and i’m hoping my partner-in-crime is along for the ride. cuz we’re in love. and while love can last distance, i so much rather come home and get to cuddle up in my baby’s arms each night.

it’s crazy how much is on the horizon. i can actually be a college graduate in 6 months! i just have to make sure i stay focused with getting everything on my side squared away and make sure Hampton and i are still on the same page. haha. i really really want to be working next semester, but i know in the back of my mind that getting these volunteer hours for my scholarship is more crucial, since i don’t know what the consequences could be and i don’t wanna have to find ou firsthand. but, of course, imma try to be superwoman and see if i can do it all. and… i think i can. i mean, last fall i did 12/15 hours AND the Script AND the cafe. this fall semester, i have 15 credits and i need to get in 130 hrs of volunteer hours. i can probably fit in at least 20 hrs/a week waitressing. hmmm… we’ll see.

ahhh… there’s so much going on in my mind these days, but the book is still there! it might have been on pause for a min, but i promise it’ll be back in the works soon. cuz that’s the dream, right? to actually do this. and i will. i’m speaking it into action. i will write (and publish) a novel!

well – let me get on with the getting on. i can’t believe it’s so late in the afternoon. time flies getting caught up in a good book. see, that’s the gift i want to give to other readers. 🙂


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