searching for a guide through life

the best part about my life right now is that God has given me a spirit of serenity in order for me to put things into perspective. there are so many areas in which i could stress over, complain about, or boil up in frustration, but I choose not to. i just take a deep breath, tell myself it’s not worth stressing over and let it go.

“keep your head up and have faith.” that’s the theme of this era right now. cuz man, we’ve seen the storm. we’ve been smack down in the middle of it but survived til morning. and though we may not have seen the worst of it yet, i believe what came out of it was a spirit of strength, no matter how translucent. we’re going to make it. someway, some how.

i don’t have all the answers, but i certainly have a lot of blessings so i’ll concentrate on that, keeping my eyes open to the answers around me.

as the months go on, my dad is approaching being jobless for a year. but i believe his health has somewhat improved, and my uncle just got a job! one down, three more to go! well, if i count myself, four more. but i haven’t been able to concentrate on my job search, because my current job keeps me busy. and if things turn out the way it was talked about, my baby might have an opportunity coming up soon. i just hope things pan out the way they are supposed to. i wish i could talk to him, but that phone, along with his level of communication, is terrible. but when i want to stress about it, i just remember to chill and know that i have a wonderful, supportive, man of God who loves me and wishes the best for me.

and when i get frustrated about this job, i know that i was put in this position to learn and to grow and i’m so so glad that the idea for my novel hasn’t died off yet. i promise – this summer chapter one will be going down! haha.

we might not have it all, but some of the little we have is golden.

so thanks be to God.


❤ Cole



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