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live your life..

sooo.. i’ve been away from xanga for a minute mostly due to occurances out of my control. one – my precious laptop broke. and two – because it was midterms week, our school decided to shut down basically all social networking sites everywhere. yeah, it’s that serious.

but i am back. still same old, same old.

i’m trying to do good for me and my life. trying to stay above water. my health is a lot better, but it’s almost like once one thing improves, something else goes wrong. i bought vitamins the other day, so i suppose i have a new daily pill to take. what i need to do is start on this exercise regime… it’ll all get better in time. haha.

school is winding down to an end. well… it’s halfway through the semester, but i see the light. i think i will survive it. and come late december, i WILL be a college graduate.

what next on the agenda? me and the broke, noctural man are moving in together, hopefully racking up some money and all that good stuff here before we maybe make that move to florida. my life will probably change quite a bit, but i look forward to moving on, maturing, growing into my own…

it’s funny. i know what i want in life. hopefully i gather up the courage to do it. it’s crazy how many cloudy days there are.

well, i’m off. be blessed.


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  1. glad to see that things are beginning to line up for you!wow, moving in together? Big step, I wish you both well! ANd congrats on the upcoming graduation…whats the job situation looking like so far?

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