searching for a guide through life


in 2009 we’re going to soar.

ok, ok. i’ll try to stop talking bout the new year and new changes in stuff, but in reality – this is a whole new season of life for me. COLLEGE GRADUATE!

anywho… the clan’s back in town so that’s been nice. sat night we did a spontaneous Red Robin trip. today i got to chill with my bestie so that was mucho nice too.

so i’ve been thinking – the next course of action might be moving to ATL. it’d be soooo nice if my bestie and i found jobs down there cuz then we could be roomies again in our own apartamiento and contemplate grad school and the other questions of life together. it’d also be great for a jumpstart for our business. lol. i mean, we haven’t started it yet but we’ve been talking about writing childrens books together and having a media company. i could see us doing documentaries… contracting out for PSAs… stuff like that. then when we become mega stars ppl will be like “i remember them two from the good ole days back at HU.” hehehe.

i’ve been thinking a lot about my future. and there’s a lot to think about. professionally, i want to accomplish big things. fun things. things that complement me and my dreams. i just have to write down my goals and make plans to reach them. personally, well i guess number one should be strengthening my family relations now. living so far from jersey, my initial “home” is well… different from always being right there. me and my sister have our falling outs from time to time. we’re working on rebounding from the current one right now. it’s hard sometimes, but it’s def. something i want to work on. me and my cousins, we’re all getting to that age where we’re getting grown and stumbling through the challenges. so i want us all to be there for each other. we’re planning a trip to cancun for the summer. hopefully the plans work out. that vacation would be absolutely lovely. just hope they don’t lose my luggage again this time. and the love.life — i miss him, wish for him all the time. pray for him everyday. no matter what, that man is my honey, my love. i just hope things work out for the best. no matter what that means. weirdly enough, i’ve been thinking about marriage and babies so much recently. probably cuz i’m getting older. but all that can wait. one day at a time.

well – time for more reality tv junk. monday nights are my tv weaknesses. 🙂

tomorrow morn – the gym!! heyhey.



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  1. congrats on graduating… that’s always big time…..hope things work out on the family front…have a good day D

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