searching for a guide through life

clearly i can’t wear fingernail polish.

i painted my nails and my toes just for the heck of it today and already my fingernail polish is chipping off. granted – it is old polish. i remember buying it sometime with maurita so you know that’s gotta be old. but still. i just can’t do it. i’m just not that girl. just like you’ll never see me with nails over 1 mm long. and you’ll rarely see me wear makeup (i rub my face too much and lip gloss annoys me). ::sigh::

anyway, my saturday’s been pretty quiet. my whole week in general has been quiet. :-/ all week, though, i’ve been looking forward to church on sunday and now that’s almost here. you know, i really like this church. hmmm..

tomorrow will hopefully be more eventful than today. i gotta return books to the library. hopefully, my book on hold is there. ::crosses fingers:: i’ll probably go to the gym since i skipped out today. what a shame. mmm… grocery shopping, cover letters to write, more writing, more reading. i told myself i’d try florida again. tried earlier this week and it got disconnected after two rings.

MLK day is monday and the inauguration is Tuesday. i haven’t done anything for MLK day since like freshman year, but maybe i’ll go to this church function. i have no idea what i’ll be doing about Jan 20th. i definately fell right back off the whole political bandwagon after Nov 4th. and this economy and this nation has me so discouraged at times that i don’t know what Barack Obama can do to make change outside of simply being the first black president. i guess i just gotta pray on it.

i know God is hearing a mouthful from me on the daily. things have gotten clearer in some aspects, but there is still so much i worry about.

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