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21 Random Things About Me

just because…
hey, everyone else is doing it!!

1. my favorite color is green.. partly because i like to be different.

2. i don’t trust hairdressers or the police. and i’m slightly put off when doctors make such quick diagnoses without much examination.

3. i have a slight obsession with editing… it’s a blessing and a curse.

4. my middle name means strawberry! i looked it up on babynames.com. so weird.. especially considering it’s a surname. my favorite fruit is strawberries too. fresh strawberries. mmmmm…

5. at nearly 22 years of age, i sleep with a stuffed animal. it’s a little teddy bear that my boyfriend stole for me. lol! craziness. i miss him. 😦

6. the two times i’ve fallen in love were extremely different situations, but the heartache feels identical.

7. the lack of self-discipline is what keeps me from achieving my goals.

8. i think scars are beautiful. they tell stories.

9. if i had the body, i’d think i’d become an exotic dancer. at least for a day. or two. or three. lol!

10. i crave the stability of a 9 to 5 although i know that it’s not the fit for my artistic spirit.

11. i wish i could fly.

12. sometimes i take pictures of myself when i cry. i also take pics of myself when i wash my hair and it’s super curly.

13. i don’t ask for help until it’s down to the wire and i absolutely can’t make it without assistance. i’m too independent that way.

14. i’m going to use a pen name when i write my novels. it’s just a variation of my real name. but i don’t want to use my real name.

15. when i was younger, i had to put Crisco on my skin. and i put orange juice in my cereal instead of milk. medical reasons…

16. in high school, a typical lunch consisted of a cinnamon raisin bagel, crispy m&ms and Snapple raspberry iced tea. no wonder i was fat. mann.. i miss them crispy m&ms though.

17. i believe that soda is addictive and that over time it will hit the ranks of beverages like beer. by the way, how can one get tipsy/drunk off beer? clearly i’ve never drunk enough of that nasty stuff to feel the effects.

18. i’m not a hater, but my girls’ boyfriends have put a wedge in between some of my closest friendships.

19. i am an extreme wuss when it comes to scary movies and bugs.

20. i eat leftovers cold. pizza, chinese… anything. i dunno. it just tastes better cold than microwaved.

21. my uncles seem like older brothers to me. my friend is like a brother too. my brother is like a stranger. :-/


wow… that was harder to do than i thought!

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