searching for a guide through life

Growing Up.

gosh, i actually feel like i am slightly.. growing up. even though i’m stuck in this barely minimum wage job totally unrelated to my schooling, i am somehow making it. i have my own place, my own life, and beautiful goals and dreams.

my bestbud/lover/hubby/boyfriendkindasorta/asshole/soulmate is moving back up here to live with little ole me! now we’ll add roommate to the list. so i guess i gotta set aside some closet space, maybe a drawer or two.. buy some more hangers. ❤ i’m happy. it’ll be interesting to say the least. cuz he has his own agenda, and i have my own agenda, but we both have each other’s best interests at heart. i love my honey entirely. this is the first time in my life that i’m extremely excited about sharing. i want to share my whole world with him.

speaking of sharing, i’m so geeked over me and courtney’s new company and our business partnership. i’m all into reading business/entrepreneurship books, cultivating story ideas, thinking up marketing plans… that also makes me feel grown up – developing my own enterprise.

and i have a savings account now. i’m paying my own bills… (minus my phone bill..:-/) i’m actually serious about the 5K… i want to get others to do it with me, but if not… all’s cool.

i’m still writing and haven’t given up my goals as a novelist. by summer, i’m thinking of being in a new state with a new job – either georgia or florida sounds good to me. let the planning begin.

i found a church that i love and that i actually feel comfortable in. i’ve been going every Sunday since i officially moved down here. i’m thinking of possibily joining, possibly getting baptised, possibily becoming a better person than i am right now.

i’m doing big things – well, little big things – but i’m pleased at the woman i’m becoming. just hope everything else falls into place.


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