searching for a guide through life

life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you’re going to get.

let the randomness begin….

so the other day after chatting with my bestie about the possibility of getting stuck in a string of dead-end jobs for years, i get a call for a job interview. a real, full-time, salaried position. i applied in december and since i hadn’t heard any response, i just figured it wasn’t happening. very shocked. the interview’s tuesday and i’m hoping i actually get this job. Lord knows i need a new job. it’s weird cuz i’m starting to love the ppl i work with, but i know i need change, and something more professional and profitable. it would mean staying here in va… but i actually do love it here.

so i went out to get some black pumps for my interview and was actually successful. another shocker. cuz i’ve been searching for a nice, cute, comfortable, professional, cheap pair of black pumps for months, nah, i think maybe years.. i went to one store and there was nada. then i went over to the mall. i parked by jcpenneys but i wasn’t even planning on going in there cuz i could of went to the one by home instead of the one at the mall. but i figured since i was near the entrance, i’d step through. i found the shoes like that! i was so skeptical that i had to walk around in them for so long cuz i couldn’t believe after all that time, i finally found my pumps.

while i was looking in the mirror at my shoes, i noticed that my pants were pretty baggy. i know my work clothes have been real baggy lately, but i haven’t paid too much attention to my regular clothes cuz i barely wear regular clothes anyway. but since i was in the store, i decided i’d just try on some jeans to see what my size was. and i officially dropped a size!! i’m happy cuz i’m in the single digits now and overall i’ve gone from a size thirteen when i entered college to a size 9 two months out. it’s ironic though, cuz i’ve been upset at myself because work and shit have been interfering with my workouts. but i guess running back and forth from kitchen to theater to theater and running up and down all them stairs has given me a work out on its own. i still wanna lose about 15 pounds and replace some flab with firm, so hopefully i’ll get back to those workouts. oooh, but i tried on this dress and this summer outfit just for the hell of it, and i looked SO GOOD. hahaaha. i did though.

i’m looking forward to summer. the weather was sooo nice today. 75-80.. mmmm.. but it snowed sunday night and schools were cancelled for a snowday monday. yeah. went from full on winter weather to full on summer weather in one week. damn global warming. i hope it stays warm though. i wanna go to the beach.

in other random news – me and the husband’s mistress have been becoming (dare i say it?) pretty close friends. we all went out to the club last week to celebrate my bday. we joke and laugh together, randomly text message each other throughout the day and night. we’re thinking about going back to the club next week and she’s already planning her bday like 2 months in advance. i find myself wondering if i should call her to come out and be my shopping buddy when i go out. lol! it’s weird, but we’re cool with each other. i’d like to think we would have become friends if we hadn’t shared that situation. but, as crazy as it is, maybe we bonded a lil more because of him.

and yeah, i still miss him, but i feel as though i should move on. i don’t really want to, but i feel like i don’t have any other choice. the last thing i want to do is start another thing up with someone at work, but i’m such a lil flirt and i cant help it. and now this boy we know is flirting back. i don’t know if he’s just joking around or being serious. i hate to say, but i think he’s a lil serious. today, he tied balloons in my hair and was like, “ok, now you’re my girlfriend.” hehe. it was so cute. i like male attention. i also like physical closeness. but i don’t know just how much i’m ready for right now. this time around, i rather have standards and barriers instead of just going with the flow, giving into temptation and regretting it later. mmmm… maybe i should just completely be single right now and focus on me… but that’s no fun.. haha. ugh, you know an annoying thing about being single… when you start out talking with a new guy and it’s like constant back and forth communication and plans and promises hinted at, and then all of a sudden, all that just disappears out the window with no rhyme or reason. i hate when guys flake out. :-/

ps. i FINALLY got my degree. the physical proof of completing my bachelor’s degree. yes, just two and a half months later. talk about a good bday present though. i got to actually pick it up on the day i turned 22. oooh, i’m getting so old now. what am i gonna do with my life?

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