searching for a guide through life

limbo, limbo, limbo!

thus is the life of a young twentysomething… in a transitional state between growing up and grown. in limbo.

despite that – i’ve been pretty content. if i focus on my blessings, there’s a lot of good stuff i have going on. i have a job, a car and a home. im enjoying good health. i have a supportive family and great friends. i have an active social life and i still got it going on as a single lady.

but on the flip side – i feel as though i need a better job as a college grad. could always use more money. and while being single has perks i suppose, i miss my other half more than anything. he was my everything. he was supposed to be my family. the last time we talked, he just pissed me off so much i couldnt wait to hang up the phone. but i cant stop missing him and i cant stop loving him. it’s hard to be patient…

mmm… such is life.

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