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::just another day around the way::

wow, it’s been a while since i last wrote. i could say i’ve been busy, but it’s more like i’ve been on that tredmill life, constantly moving but not going anywhere. blah… but guess what? i am blogging from my NEW LAPTOP and i can honestly say that i love it. i kinda surprised myself by giving in to such a big purchase after buying buddy’s xbox not that long ago, but it’s great. i told my sister that once i got a new computer and internet connection, i’d be unstoppable. lol! not so much so far. still stuck on the tredmill too much to actually venture out and enjoy the laptop like i should, but one day…

work is still… work. same old, same old there. i’m getting sick of it more and more though and the increasingly less pay is starting to wear on me. i’m gonna start applying to a slew of new jobs. ideally i want two jobs – like an office day job and then a casual night job. that’s until we can rack some money up. then i’d like to drop down to one job and use the spare time to focus on my writing and starting my own business. i’m also thinking about going back to school…. hmmmm….

i gotta learn to chill out and not stress about things so easily. money issues are a major stressor. how are two of our roommates just gonna up and decide they are moving out, that very day, right before rent for the month is due?… ugh.. oh well. a hurdle i didn’t plan on facing, but one we’ll get over somehow. but man…. i can’t wait to downsize to an apartment just him and me. it seems like there’s quite a number of things in my life i’d like tweeking… but him and me… i mean, yeah sometimes we get on each others nerves and we have our differences, but he’s the best part of my everything. it’ll be like the lil moments when he comes to pick me up from work or i’m just watching him sleep in the bed and i think thank you God for blessing me with this man. he came up to jersey with me the other week and i think on both sides it was good. they liked him, he liked them, so that makes me happy.

but anyways… it’s about time to get my lil self into bed. :o)


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