searching for a guide through life

I know my ship is coming in…


So my “weekend” was GREAT. having two consecutive days off, just to chill, regroup and sleep. AMAZING. of course i didn’t get to do nearly half of what i wanted or needed to do but this will hopefully give me the energy to keep on keeping on. i had been so down in the dumps lately, it was crazy.

DREAMS – i had this dream last night where i was a mommy. i was someplace with my cousin and sister and i had at least one little boy and a stepdaughter. i also had a dream where i was home cooking up stuff. yes, i do wanna be a wife and a mother (very much so), but i know i gotta take it one step at a time.

i can’t believe it’s back to school time again. and even though all my friends were in school last spring while i had finished in the fall, it’s a different kind of strange with it being september and new folks coming in to hu and most of my peers heading to grad school while i stuck here just waitressing. so i’m like 87% sure i’ll be going to grad school next fall. 2010. im thinking about getting a masters in public administration. with a focus on either nonprofit management or public health. thinking bout going to georgia state even if im not entirely hype about atlanta. i’ll get over that. need courtney to move to atl too so we can seriously get CAN DO productions off the ground and stop dreaming. need justin to move with me because i dont want to lose my other half. my heart tells me that this is the man i want to grow old with.. yeah.. i’m so for real.

::sigh:: i’m praying tomorrow won’t be entire chaos. it’s sooooo time to get a new job. preferably a good one, but i’m almost thinking whatever. time to get ready for bed. i got a lot to talk to God about tonight.

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