searching for a guide through life

hi there. it’s been awhile. so much has been going on.

work. struggle. broken cars. quitting jobs. more work. promotions. depression. fights. stress. more depression. hopelessness. loneliness. more work and depression. yeah, that about sums it up.

can’t believe it’s been a whole year. can’t believe that i let it get like this. thanksgiving was bull and now christmas is coming up and christmas will be bull too. SIGH.

i need to find a place to live before the month is up. because i’m gonna be homeless. unless i decide to buck and go back to jersey… ummm… yeah…

i need to get back on focus. i have no future plans, no real aspirations. i need to start to right again. 😦

i miss my friends. i miss being able to go out to eat or shopping.. oh gosh, remember shopping?.. sadface.

i miss carlasue and cariney and daddy.. mr. bob. my brother though we don’t really talk. my family. justin… even though he’s in the next room.

i want family and a house and life. :-/ and food.

i want to go for a walk… yeah… i know this is getting random.



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