searching for a guide through life

my sister says i should write. this isn’t exactly the kind of writing i think she was talking about. but AT LEAST IT’S SOMETHING!!!

so i’m in a good mood right now. even though i’m alone ()

but yeah…. so… playing christmas music.. this year, even though i’ll be working through christmas and it’ll probably be uneventful.. i’m in better spirits than some years.

my cousin and his family are coming to live with me! and then we are all going to move to a new 3 bedroom place on their side of the water. i’m very much looking forward to that. family is so important and i miss that aspect in my life. i know it sounds crazy because i’m the one who left jersey and won’t return, but that doesn’t mean that i don’t miss my family.

i’m looking forward to some newness. change of scenary, new jobs. i’ve been thinking lately whether i should be single again for awhile. it’s hard because i know i’ve found that one… it’s just… maybe i’m not the one for him.. he doesn’t act like i am.

i just think i need to get back to making the life be the best it can’t be.. i don’t want to let myself down.

well anyways, that is my piece.peace. i really should get to packing or washing my hair or something productive, but i will probably just chill for the night and pray i wake up early (yeah, like that works).




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