searching for a guide through life

hello there,

it’s been a while. i could say it’s ’cause i don’t have internet connection in the house or because i’ve been busy helping my family move or taking care of my mother or looking up jobs. and all that is true. but i’ve also got a new blog. it’s been months in the making and it’s something i actually want people to read all while i keep my identity fairly anonymous. i dunno… lol. it has more of a centered topic (love and relationships) and it’s more formal (grammar and punctuation-wise and stuff). but this blog is still my baby. much more of my personal journal and i need that right now.

sooo… i’ve been in nj for 2 months now. and i thought it’d be so incredibly unbearable, but it’s ok. i’ve been able to help my family out a lot so that’s a blessing. i was supposed to leave weeks ago when i got my refund check from the government. but for some reason, it’s been delayed. my mom says God knows that they would be needing me. a lot has gone on in these last 2 weeks.

i’m still anxious to leave, but a little less so. i wouldn’t mind staying until i made secured my full-time job (with benefits). the money i’m getting back will just be enough to move… so i could move back to va and get my old job back and try to build up while still on the job hunt… or i could stay here and wait.

i do have one job prospect, so that’s good. but i need to apply for more. and i’m still against staying here because i want me and justin to settle somewhere together and nj isn’t the place to be.

so although i’m trying to be there for my family full-time, i really need to focus on getting my life together. i started back up with the novel again. i’m using the new blog as a chance to write regularly. i actually want to do the 30/30 (thirty posts in 30 days) but it’s hard when the only reliable connection is the public library. i’m trying to come up with a idea for a personal business. actually me and my old roommate want to get into business together but we don’t know what we want to do. i know what i want to do, but i’m looking on a get-rich quick scheme so i can have some money to support my little family. but get-rich quick schemes don’t come by fast.

i have so many plans and goals and thoughts for the near future… just don’t no how to accomplish it all on little to no budget. ::sigh::

well, i gotta go. can’t spend forever at the library. people are relying on me.


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