searching for a guide through life

had a rough couple of days. i mean pretty darn tough. i’m waking up from it though. i hope to get stronger. the depression knocked me down pretty low this time. again. im glad to still be here.

had to take a hiatus from the writing. already. i know. no excuse. i just, could hardly think straight let alone focus on my writing goals. maybe tomorrow i’ll get back on track.

i miss my sister. even though we were already apart. now she’s overseas with no phone and i feel like i miss her more that she’s away. probably because i know i cant talk to her. i might not have even picked up my own phone if she was in the US but at least i had the option. i hope she has a great time over there though.

in a month, justin will be here. i wish with all my everything that he was here now, but im gonna do the grown up thing and wait. i miss him so so much. i cant wait til he’s here and we can make a whole bunch of new, happy memories together. i really need him. we need each other.

mmm… kinda wishing i didnt have to go to work today.. better get on up..

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